Private Setting for Business Meetings


It is that time of the year again to hold that departmental meetings or to organize the quarterly legal board
meeting. Every year the corporate meeting has been held in the office boardroom. This year the corporate lawyers team want want to do things differently by changing the venue to an off-site location.

Private villas are a great idea because many are located in quiet serene locations which are ideal
for business meetings. In addition they offer relaxation. These settings are in complete contrast to the
staid office environment. A private villa retreat is booked exclusively meaning there will be no other
guests in the facility. As a result, the operations at the villa can run around the schedule of those
staying there. Should they decide to have an early breakfast or late dinner, then the villa is able
to accommodate them without inconveniencing other guests.

A perfect example of high end waterfront accommodation is the Stayz brand: This website offers different villas that can house from 4, 7 and as many as 15 employees.
They have all the essentials required for a comfortable and productive stay including Wi-Fi, chef and
maid service. Here are more reasons why you should choose a private villa for that business

1. Increased focus

Employees have a higher chance of fully focusing on the business meeting when they are away from
the office than when they are within the office premises. This is because there are fewer distractions at
an off-site location. There is no chance of sneaking back to the desk to check on emails or to return
phone calls because all the focus is on the meeting.

2. Eliminates monotony

When meetings are held in the same venue year after year, the meeting takes on a monotonous nature.
Everyone takes the same seat, which has the same view and the meeting agenda most likely runs the
same way it has for years. Working in a luxury private office setting provides a new environment and experience for
everyone that may lead to inspiring new ideas from those in attendance.

3. Privacy

Often times, lawyer retreat strategy meeting discuss sensitive information pertaining to the office and sensitive court cases. Holding the meeting at a private location away from the office ensures that classified information does not fall
on the wrong ears. Top leadership meetings held away from the office conference room also reduce
tension and anxiety among employees particularly at a time when the company might be undergoing

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4. Builds camaraderie

Great interaction among staff is achieved when business meetings are held at an off-site location
during formal and informal activities. People tend to break out of their office personality and relate to
each other in a new or different way.

5. New technology

Many luxury villas offer great state of the art equipment and resources that lead to excellent
presentations. The large screens for video or presentation viewing and built-in audio and visual
components allow the employees to work with facilities they may not be used to that will definitely
lead to more interesting, engaging and creative presentations.

The overall benefit of choosing a high end location for a business meeting is that it gives the opportunity to
let their hair down while still being productive. The relaxed setting improves productivity and
enhances the relationship among the staff. Board meetings are best held in a setting where sensitive
information cannot land on wrong ears. It also helps to kill the tedium of the normal. When meetings
are repetitious then their efficacy goes down. Holding business meetings at a villa also gives
employees the opportunity to work with unique facilities that would enable them to produce creative
and innovative presentations.

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