Choosing the Right Law Firm


How do you choose a great attorney?

Most of us will need to find a good attorney in our lifetime at least once. Law is complicated and it is always good to have a good attorney in your corner, things happen in a spur of a moment and you never know when you will need one! If you have a work-related or auto accident injury, a good Attorney can help you get the most out of your situation, an attorney can stand by your side and let you know all your rights. If you have been violated or mistreated, an attorney can get you the compensation that you deserve. If you have committed a crime, a good lawyer can minimize your jail time or fines.

You might have other problems that need legal attention, like a divorce or foreclosure, or a trust lawyer. Most times you can handle these things yourself, but sometimes you just can’t do it by yourself and that is when you need an experienced lawyer to assist you. It isn’t hard to find a good attorney. There are several attorneys available, however, finding a good one takes some work. It makes financial sense to not go for the cheapest option but the option that makes you win your case.

Legal Cases

The first step is knowing what you need from an attorney. It may be for an adoption, a personal will or criminal defense. Make sure you can be specific and tell the attorney what you need. Do not hide anything from your attorney, this can lead to issues later on that will be your fault. You may lose the case because of the intricacies you failed to mention. So make sure that your attorney is aware of the whole situation, tell him everything, even if it is embarrassing.

Secondly, you can use those closest to you. Without revealing the details about your legal issue, ask your family, friends and coworkers if they know of a good attorney. You will probably get several names this way, with recommendations of course. If not, you can go to the web and do a search for an Attorney. The state bar association also can verify good standing members.

The next step is to take your list and start calling the names you’ve collected and see if they are taking new clients. Then you can make an appointment for a consultation with those who are. Some of the law firms now have what is called as a live chat. is one of those firms in Malta that is has this chat available on the website where you can speak with one of the professionals there. I find it a great time saver and you will save call fees as well!  Technology for lawyers now gives those how make good use of them the competitive edge. These consultations should always be FREE. If they aren’t, move on down your list.

There are more formal steps to take like signing a representation agreement, before they become your attorney.  When you are meeting your prospective attorney remember that you are sharing information. Be sure to tell the attorney what you wish to have handled and ask questions about this matter. Find out what experience this attorney has and what his /her thoughts are concerning your issue. This is an important step in the interview. If at any time, you have decided you aren’t happy, comfortable or confident with this attorney, conclude your interview and move on. You do not have to settle for anyone who doesn’t seem like the right fit for you and your issue.